The SBDN Team

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Emma Sanford
SBDN Virtual Assistant


Sarah Buxton
Dental Employment - HR Associate Solicitor at FTA Law
Fay Clutterbuck
Corporate Dentistry – Radiography
Lynne Cotter
Infection Control
Heidi Cresswell
FE College Dental Nursing
Fiona Ellwood
Governance - Education - Mentoring - Public Health - Oral Health - Research
Co-Opted Lucy Elsey
Dental Hygiene & Therapy
Clare Faulkner
FE College – Radiography
Heidi Grimwood
Dental Nurse
Katie Hartwell
Dental Nurse
Laura Horton
Treatment Coordination - management
Jenny Jones
Implant Nursing
Alex Keir
CBT – Medical Emergencies & Radiography
Angela Mayhew
Practice Management & Governance
Jenni Pattni
Vulnerable Groups & Charity Work
Katherine Pearce
Forensic Dentistry
Nathan Morrison
Oral Surgery & Sedation
Amy Rawsthorne
Student Dental Nurse
Patricia Rawsthorne
Assessing & Apprentiships
Emma Riley
Oral Cancer - Palliative Care
Tracey Rodgers
Corporate Dentistry – Professional Development
Louise Smith
Dental Nurse Management - Sedation
Clare Soper
University Dental Nurse Manager
Genda Sulova
Dental Nurse
Joe Tyson
Orthodontic Nursing & Therapy
Cheryl Walters
Dental Nursing Agency
Peter Whiteford
Resuscitation Officer and Medical Emergencies
Chanel (Nel) Williams-Barton
Newly Qualified Dental Nurse
Tim & Rachel Parsons
Oral Cancer Public Perspective
Tina Gorman
Ann Jones
Rachel Jones
Phil Jevon
Gemma Starkey

Honorary Fellows

Andrew Baldwin
Clinical Director for Head & Neck Directorate Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust
Richard Cure
Associate Clinical Professor University of Warwick - Head of Dentistry Studies - Clinical and Course Director of Orthodontics
Janine Brooks MBE
Dental Educator, Coach and Mentor.
Robert Ireland
Honorary Professorial Teaching Fellow
Richard Leigh Evans
Forensic Odontologist
Professor Andrew Smith
Professor of Clinical Bacteriology (Dental School) & Associate Academic
Elaine Tilling
Dental Hygienist , Head of Education and programme design TEPE