Enhanced CPD – Myth Busting

CPD is far more than meeting GDC requirements, it is about lifelong learning and maintaining the public’s trust in our skills, knowledge and competence. It is best described as ‘developmental activities’ undertaken by a dental professional to enhance, maintain and advance their skill sets.

From 1st August 2018 changes were made to our CPD. Dental Nurses now need to undertake a minimum of 50 hours in a five year cycle, with a minimum of 10hrs in any 2yrs. There is no longer a requirement to submit non-verifiable CPD, we however still encourage you to participate in non-verifiable activity.

All registrants .i.e. Dental Nurses also need to keep a personal development plan (PDP), log of completed activity and evidence of completed activity. If you already are using a PDP you may carry on using the same one, but you must ensure it meets the requirements of the GDC. As part of the enhanced CPD programme, registrants will also need to reflect on the CPD they have undertaken, although this can be at set intervals rather than a requirement of every CPD event.

All CPD provided by the Society as of  the 1st August 2018 has been designed to meet the current guidelines and meets the requirements of the GDC’s ECPD framework.

Accessible SBDN Free CPD

SBDN provide all members with some strong CPD topics required for everyday duties of a dental nurse. This CPD is released on resquest of a specific topic from our library, once completed it is marked and feedback and a certificate is released if you meet the required parameters.  To take advantage of this offer email admin@bdns.org.ukand add CPD in the subject field, in your email please request a topic – some of the topics available are: Medical Emergencies, Radiography, Infection Control, Leadership, communication skills, Legal and ethics, Equality and diversity and many more. All of the CPD has been developed around a quality assurance framework and links specifically to the GDC Development Outcomes.

All examples and templates of the necessary documents can be found on the GDC website on the link below, along with advice on recommended topics, making your annual CPD statement and Transitional arrangements.


The links below take you to the GDC’s examples of a PDP and activity log

Personal development plan (PDP) template (611.5 KB, DOCX)

This document provides examples across each professional title, to show how the GDC’s PDP might be utilised depending on a dental professional’s title, role and patients.

PDP – examples (631.5 KB, PDF)

All dental professionals must keep a log of all verifiable CPD they have undertaken. The GDC has developed an activity log template which dental professionals may use or find helpful, and covers all the minimum requirements of an activity log.

Activity log template (607.2 KB, DOCX)

This document provides examples to show how the GDC’s activity log template may be utilised.

Activity log – examples (598.8 KB, PDF)

The GDC have produced a document ECPD Guidance which can be downloaded here

*Please note all ECPD certificates must meet GDC requirements too – don’t get caught out.