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The regular dental recall has been a cornerstone of dental care for centuries.
The evidence for the traditional 6 monthly recall was challenged back in 1977 by
Professor Aubrey Sheiham in a paper in the Lancet. Yet it was not until 2004 that
NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) recommended patient
focused risk based intervals.
In our meeting we are going to be looking at a number of major dental studies
that have a bearing on the timing of the dental recall. These are; the IQuaD
study which compares the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of personal oral
hygiene advice or scaling at different time intervals; the FiCTION trial which
examines 3 approaches to caries management in children and the INTERVAL
study which examines the effect of 3 different recall strategies. We will also be
looking at the RAINDROP study which focuses on economic tools for resource
allocation in dentistry. Looking to the future we will have a presentation on
digital dentistry as well as selection of members presentations and posters.

To consider the findings of recent UK national research projects and their
impact on practice and policy.

source BASCD website for further detail http://www.bascd.org/