‘The Society’ acknowledges the GDC’s position on professional indemnity and has worked in conjunction with a provider to create a two tier policy in order to meet what we consider to be the needs of the profession. This is optional to our membership, rather than mandatory and is available with or without membership to ‘The Society’. Legal Advice is also provided by the indemnifier; we also have good links with a local law firm.

We would urge you to be sure you have the correct and appropriate indemnity policy for the dental activity you undertake.

We have worked with Towergate Insurance who provide a medical indemnity insurance for dental nurses that meets our specific needs. For more information, or to get a quote, contact them on 01438 739839,  If you are already an SBDN member then please contact us first. You will be given a special code You can visit the Towergate website by clicking the button below.