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Mental Health & Well-being

The Society of British Dental Nurses have trained Mental Health First Aiders to hand and know how important good mental health is at the best of times, but we are in unprecedented times and in [...]

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Covid-19: Information for Dental Nurses – A Call for Calm

Covid-19 hits the UK Dear Members, We have watched  Covid-19 unfold across the globe and the trail of disbelief, dismay and devastation it has and continues to cause.  It has taken over the news, social [...]

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Can you offer a helping hand to someone self-isolating?

The Society have introduced a scheme to help those who are self-isolating, in particular the older person or those most vulnerable. If the suggested plans come into play of isolation for those over 70 yrs [...]

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Sharing Information: Do you prescribe, provide or fit retainers, whitening trays, mouth guards?

The Society of British Dental Nurses are part of the Dental Professional Alliance  - a group formed to bring the dental care professionals professional bodies to the table, to share successes, experiences and challenges and [...]

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Covid-19 News: Society of British Dental Nurses Keeping you informed

There is no getting away from Covid-19 headlines as it sweeps the world at a fast pace. We are having an increased number of calls and we are trying to deal with them as promptly [...]

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Mental Health Wellness – join us

The Society have for sometime had a 'Let's Talk' policy and has helped 1ots of dental nurses and those around them. We have a 'don't turn away' policy too, so no dental nurse is left [...]

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