As the only UK Professional Group for Dental Nurses with sole focus on Learning and Development our vision is to inspire and engage dental nurses at each and every stage of their career. We will consider the here and now, and the future landscape of dentistry. Our guiding philosophy is that we will support the development of a sustainable and effective workforce, which as a result will advance our profession through education and professional activity.’

Our podcasts are designed to inspire qualified and student dental nurses, all these podcasts feature interviews with a dental nurses, as well as other dental nursing professionals who work in different environments and have a variety of  different skill sets. Some may no longer active in their roles but may have started their career as a dental nurse , we would like to share their journey, career and experience to inspire others who may wish to follow their paths. So please take a little timeout to listen to these podcasts so that we can share their valuable knowledge with you all.    Thank you for visiting our podcast page.

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