The Society of British Dental Nurses are asking for 100 Dental Nurses to write a short story relating to their dental nursing journey or something in their dental nursing career that they were involved with. The story board will be a key feature at the Prof  Ireland Annual Lecture. Prof Ireland has always been a huge advocate of skill-mix and teamwork and has worked tirelessly over the years to bring this work-stream to fruition.

Last year we recognised Prof Ireland for all his hard work and we proudly introduced the annual event to mark this. We were honoured to have such distinguished people with us and given the subject and fantastic facilities provided by Birmingham Dental Hospital this year we are excited about the event. Dr Janine Brooks and Elaine Tilling will also be speaking, looking at dental nursing as part of wider research project over the last hundred years and dental nursing in the armed forces over the years – Elaine is very proud to say this is where she started her dental work, could this be you?

As we move forward in time with Enhanced Continual Professional Development (ECPD) and the cross-professional working these networking events are vital.

From the stories we will present an award to a very worthy participant. Further information is available from