“it’s time to take antibiotic resistance seriously” – time to improve antibiotic prescribing and use. This is very much the message to and of the profession which informed and has continued to be portrayed from the Public Health England UK 5 year strategy and from its’ relaunch in October 2018.

It is important to raise awareness that the use of antibiotics when not needed can put individuals at more risk simply because antibiotics may well become less likely to work. We have a role also in managing patients expectations here in changing thinking  – antibiotics are certainly not the answer to all ills.

Patients do need to have a greater awareness that overuse and misuse of our antibiotics is leading to resistance and the opportunity for our established antibiotics to continue to work, with more resistant strains of bacteria evident – Public Health England warn that “the race is on to develop new antibiotics to kill these strains, but [there is a possibility that we may find that we cannot win the race] and that future means we could find ourselves going back in time and that situation has the potential for dreadful consequences.