The Government has announced that changes to the way apprenticeships are funded, although has made it clear this will not affect the funding to those who start apprenticeships before the 1st May 2017 ( Employers with large end pay bills must pay into the levy, those not paying into the levy will share the cost- a ‘co-investment'(

The government have made it clear that (Gov, 2017) “You can’t use funds in your account to pay for other costs associated with your apprentices (such as wages, statutory licences to practise, travel and subsidiary costs, work placement programmes or the setting up of an apprenticeship programme)”.

Of course this means a change to the learning programme too-  student dental nurses will be looking at completing apprenticeship standards (trailblazer) and end point assessment. Equally all student dental nurses will be required to have one day a week in the learning environment i.e away from the dental practice/clinic during what would be normal working hours – equating to approximately 52 days in the classroom over the learning period.

Ambassadors of the Society have been involved at some point along the way although in a different capacity and only recently attended the education meeting in Manchester where  Fiona Ellwood also the Patron of the Society spoke about the education of dental nurses, along with Mike Wheeler from HEKSS and Geraldine Donsworth from City & Guilds.


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