Honoured to be a guest of Birmingham Dental School as the dental nurses are awarded their qualifications. The Society were represented by Fiona Ellwood the Patron, who congratulated the students and spoke about professionalism as they enter a new chapter in their career. Janice Dukes also spoke after recently retiring from the School of Dental Nursing.

Guests of the students were in attendance and they were supported by their colleagues, their tutors and managers – nominations were made by the student group to add to the celebrations. Both Janice and Fiona were recognised for their contributions to dentistry too. Afterwards everyone gathered in the dinning room to continue the celebrations. So group 56 are now qualified dental nurses and group 57 who were also in attendance will soon be entering into their final year of studies.

The Society wish all of the newly qualified dental nurses a successful career with great opportunity and extend the good wishes to Janice Dukes in retirement.