DCby1 (Dental check by 1yrs of age) was a huge success at launch and the Society supported it. Dental caries is a preventable disease and initiatives such as this has the potential to reduce the risk and incidence of such a disease. It is key that parents and carers are supported and that in turn this work is very much of everyday life, we would like to see this work as part of a wider picture  – ‘starting well, living well’ after all dental and oral disease are a concern across all age groups. The Chief Dental Officers were all present and the interview with Clare Stevens was excellent. Of course this is an England approach; Scotland have ‘Childsmile’, Wales have ‘Designed to Smile’.

This comes at a time when the areas have been identified as in need of further oral health support and the starting well programmes will be launched – something that will be embedded from the ‘Five Years Forward’ work.

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