As dental nurse tutors we all have a responsibility to remain up to date and current, but not just in terms of clinical dental nursing, but in terms of education and teaching. The GDC remind us that CPD should be undertaken  in a manner that is relevant to our field and provides some direction of core topics.

If you are a dental nurse tutor your teaching, learning and training skills should not be an exception to this. You need to stay ahead of the times or at least up with it. Technology has advanced and students have high expectations of those teaching them – do you hit the mark?

What does youe CPD portfolio look like for education, are you neglecting it? Think twice, your students are relying on you and you are accountable for the learning experience that you provide  – get up to date and stay there. It is a rewarding career teaching and training others, but you should be igniting the  fire within your students, moving them on in their learning journey and motivating them – can you truly do this if you are doing the same old thing day after day?

The Society are there to support learning needs and tutors to all levels.

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