The Society are very much part of the professionals working group contributing to the work of the GDC in bringing the new Continual Professional Development (CPD) to fruition and will bring the latest information to you when it is available for publication. You will have already seen guidance from the GDC being released ans some of you may have contributed to the pilot work and the consultations.

We have posted what is available in the public domain as an overview to get the ball rolling. As you know this comes into play August 2018 for dental Nurses and the submission for the first declaration will open June 19. For those mid CPD cycle the GDC have created transition guidance on their website – do not change anything ahead of this.

We as dental nurses under the new scheme will no longer have to complete non-verifiable CPD and our minimum hours will be 50hrs of verifiable cpd; cpd which is relevant to your dental role and you will be mapping your activity to the GDC learning outcomes – sounds complicated, but it is not. The GDC again will have templates in place.

Then the Personal Development Plan – nothing to worry about, in fact it may help you be more focused and it will encourage you to plan your CPD activity over time. The key thing is making the right choices for you and the work you undertake. The PDP should be what we in education call a ‘live’ document, a flexible record or log if you like of what you need or want to do; how, when and where you will do it and by when and having completed the CPD reflect on it (what went well, what didn’t what will you change as a result of it….) Finally a brief evaluation. You can chose to reflect  on every piece, on a monthly or annual basis, lets see on paper what you have done and basically will it inform your clinical practice (if clinical) and if so how and was it of value – there is little point in giving valuable time or money to hopeless CPD.

The GDC also recommend that cpd is acquired from different sources and show how it can be achieved at work, so again it can be cost neutral if carried out appropriately. Be wise, dental nurses are not well paid and paying for cpd can be a challenge.

Email us and we can advise you initial conversations are welcome from everyone, of course our members get a greater level of support and guidance as part of their membership and  free cpd.


Keep watching.