The Society are delighted to welcome Emma as the Chair of ‘The Society’. Emma has been a dental Nurse for many years and progressed to an oral health educator and becoming at the time the only adopted Oral Health Practitioner sponsored by MacMillan. Her work across the Head, Neck and Thyroid sector was unique to a dental nurse and founded as Emma put it ‘because I was nosy and I wanted patients to have the best oral care possible, no matter what’. Emma has supported patients at the point of diagnosis, in preparation for surgery, during and after surgery and through both palliative and end of life care in her role with MacMillan.

Emma now works as a trainer/educator out in the field for RIS Products and has broadened her field to working with other specialist areas, including complex care cases, patients with pneumonia, dependent patients recognised with autism  and lymphoma, as well as patients with mucositis. Emma reinforces the messages of the Society relating to oral and oropharyngeal cancer, but her other interest lies in the survivor and how they deal with life after cancer. Emma paid a very touching tribute to her mum who was also a dental nurse for many years and who would go back to the profession given the chance.

Emma is supported by Louise Smith the Vice Chair.