The window is no open on the General Dental Council (GDC) website, where you will be declaring your cpd in the traditional way for the last time.  You will be expected to declare both your verifiable and non-verifiable cpd in line with the original guidelines from the GDC.

What will be different this time?

Nothing – You will declare your verifiable and non-verifiable cpd as normal. you will declare that you have the appropriate level of indemnity/insurance and complete the equality and diversity statement.

Enhanced CPD

No matter where you are  in your 5 year cpd cycle from August the 1st the new Ecpd rules and guidance comes in to play. If you are starting a new 5 year cycle you will have a smooth transition, those who are mid- 5yr cycle the GDC have developed a transition tool for you – a simple ready-reckon-er  so there is no reason to be alarmed

So old system until end of July 2018 and all things new from Aug 1st, 2018.

At the ready …

So a whistle stop tour for  you to get ahead, remembering that the first end of year declaration will be due July 2019, with the window opening June 2019.

Documentation and Evidence Required for the New System

  • Field of Practice – identifying where you work, your registered title, your cpd cycle, your required cpd hours, additional roles – qualifications and interests and your patient population.
  • Personal Development Plan – Learning need or maintenance, how it relates to your practice, which development outcome it links to, the benefit the learning will have to your work, how you will meet your need and when will you complete it. Identify your intent and time-frame to reflect.
  • Activity Log –  Plan, do , reflect, record. This is a record of the courses/learning you have undertaken.        Date, Hours completed, Evidence type, Title, provider and content of cpd activity, Development outcome, How did this benefit my work. This document is the one that will be requested by the GDC if you are sampled.
  • Evidence – This can be in the form of a certificate as an example. The GDC list the required content that providers should put on the certificate: No. hrs, Name, GDC No., Topic, Date,  Aims, Objectives, Learning content, Development outcome/s, confirmation the information is correct, Name of person or body providing the quality assurance.

Please note that the GDC hold the registrant responsible for selecting appropriate ecpd and therefore we at the Society encourage all of our members, followers and colleagues to follow a check list when planning and Ecdp activity. Ecpd need not be expensive, there is no need to sign up to cpd provider  programmes or to bulk buy packages of cpd, after all Ecpd is more about you as an individual not doing cpd that has been developed for everyone.

Plan well, scrutinize  the provider, do not be afraid to ask what their quality assurance process is prior to, during and after the ecpd is delivered and what appears  on their certificate – if you have any concerns think twice before you give up your time and hard earned money.

Our motto is ‘quick, simple and cheap’ rarely equals quality ….and definitely challenges the notion of quality learning.


The GDC have provided clear instructions with accompanying documents, video work and registrant specific examples on their website – if in doubt go to the true source – the GDC, after all they are the regulator who have brought this in, others may simply be interpreting what they believe to be correct.

The Society have been involved in the ECPD work and are happy to support its members. We have also developed an approval and accreditation system to help dental nurses make wise cpd decisions – look out for our stamp of approval.