Enhanced CPD – The Facts

In order to remain on the General Dental Council (GDC) register and continue to practice ALL registrants must undertake the required ECPD as defined by the GDC. CPD is defined as ‘learning, training or other developmental activities undertaken by a dental professional. Such activity must be relevant to the registrant’s field of work and can reflect fields of interest within the dental field. CPD is not just a matter of collecting hours and ticking boxes, it is a serious business and part of being a dental professional.

From 1st August 2018 CPD took on a modified format – ECPD, dental nurses must undertake a minimum of 50 hours of ECPD. A minimum of 10hrs over 2 years within a five year cycle. Registrants are required to acquire and undertake quality verifiable ECPD, this is not to say that other learning cannot take place.

All registrants will also need to keep a personal development plan (PDP), log of completed activity and evidence of completed activity i.e. a certificate. As part of the ECPD programme, registrants will also need to reflect on the ECPD they have undertaken. It is not necessary to reflect on all of the ECPD undertaken, but it is good practice. You should identify in your PDP when you intend to reflect.

A mapping document is available if the evidence/certificate you receive does not meet the GDC guidelines but is evidence of relevant ECPD. This can be found on the GDC link below.

*All ECPD provided by SBDN meets the requirements of the GDC’s ECPD provider guidelines – Advice and support is available to members admin@bdns.org.uk

All example and templates of the above can be found on the GDC website use the links below, along with advice on recommended topics, making your annual CPD statement and transitional arrangements for those who are caught between the old and new CPD gateways.


Recording Documents: PDP, Activity Log, Mapping Document can be found by clicking the link below


All dental professionals must keep a log of all verifiable CPD they have undertaken. The GDC has developed an activity log template which dental professionals may use or find helpful, and covers all the minimum requirements of an activity log.