As of January 2020 the General Dental Council are introducing a ‘first time registration fee’ for all dental professionals – for those qualified but not yet registered, do this before 1st January and you will avoid the fees. This fee is in addition to the fee to become a registrant.

Taken from the GDC website for correctness:

From 1 January 2020, application fees for first registration (on the UK’s registers of dental professionals) are being introduced. These fees are to cover the costs relating to applications, which are currently met by existing registered dental professionals.

The registration application fees are made up of two parts; a flat rate to cover processing costs, and a variable rate to cover the costs of assessing the type of application. This variable element results in six bands of fee, depending of the complexity of the assessment.

The six bands are:

The new fees apply to almost all applications for first registrations. Applications for restorations and visiting EEA-qualified practitioners will remain exempt from a fee until further notice.

In addition, applications to join a specialist list do not attract an application fee as they are held on a list (as opposed to a register), and are already subject to a fee
  • Dentists: You hold a primary dentistry qualification from a UK provider.
  • DCPs: You hold a primary DCP qualification from a UK Provider.
  • DCP additional titles: You are on the DCP register, and you have since completed an additional DCP qualification from a UK provider . You wish to add this DCP title to your registration.
Processing fee Assessment fee Total fee
£22.95 £0 £22.95

This fee is in addition to the registration fee.