22nd  December, 2017 –

New Version of the Ecpd Guidance has been launched

Revised guidance for dental professionals:  In summary the changes link to the restoration to the register and the need to provide evidence of verifiable cpd from the last cpd cycle – see below…

Since the original publication of the ECPD guidance for dental professionals, it has come to our attention that there was an inconsistency in regard to the requirements for restoration between the rules and the published guidance.  Following review, we have concluded that a change was required to the guidance. This change has now been made and the new revised version of the guidance is available on the ECPD webpage.

Please note that the change is likely to affect a small number of dental professionals – those who come off the register for any reason and then apply for restoration. This includes those who do not pay their Annual Retention Fee (ARF) by 31 December 2017 and as a result are removed from the register, but subsequently apply to come back onto the register. Evidence of CPD undertaken will need to be submitted with an application for restoration. Further information about restoration can be found on the restoration page.

If previous versions have been downloaded these will need to be disregarded  this and access the new guidance.

There has been no change to the providers’ guidance.

New sample CPD templates for CPD certificates

We have produced a sample CPD certificate which CPD course providers can use as guidance for developing their own. The sample certificate outlines the information each CPD certificate will need to demonstrate to be accepted as verifiable CPD as part of the new enhanced CPD scheme.  This is attached.

It is important that all dental professionals understand the revision and it would be helpful, should you be using your communications channels to disseminate the message of ECPD to include this.