The GDC have launched the consultation looking at a new way of setting registration fees 

As part of Shifting the balance  they said they would work towards a new way of setting fees which would reflect a new approach to regulation. The consultation is part and parcel of this work and we want to urge all of our members and followers to help inform this.

The development of the policy aims to better explain how and why funds are used, to allocate costs more clearly and to provide more certainty for registrants about the level of fee they can expect to pay. The GDC have made it clear that this is not about the fee levels themselves.

 The consultation has been designed around three main principles which form the basis of the proposed new policy.

These principles are as follows:

  • Fee levels should be primarily determined by the cost of regulating each registrant group.
  • The method of calculating fee levels should be clear.
  • Supporting certainty for registrants and the workability of the regulatory framework:

Notably the GDC have indicated this will contribute to  further improve their stewardship of the funds raised from fees and are openly encouraging responses from all registrants, stakeholders and the public.


for further information please follow the link