The GDC has moved part of its business to Birmingham as part of Shifting the Balance. The Society were delighted to attend the launch event and participate in the questions and answers sessions – leading the the voice of our members  and followers. There were some great discussions and valuable points made.

We were pleased that the focus was in  the main team focused and that our voice was heard. Whilst discussions were had around the use of dental nurses and their skills, our point was to ask for the myth of setting levels for dental nurse qualifications and in turn trapping dental nurses in vocational qualifications.

Our Patron Fiona Ellwood asked a key question around what actually is the education of a dental nurse about if we ourselves allow barriers to progression to be put in place and went on to discuss the chasm between the common dental nursing qualifications branded a level 3 and the Hygiene and Therapy course which is moving to a degree programme is too great. Neither is their a natural pathway to University from the level three.

So while we talk of advancing the dental nurse, we need an educational position to work from and one that is a good fit to the dental nurse now and for the future. A point well made, if we cannot get the primary qualification right in terms of meeting the need of the profession, to perform the skills required. Further more we do worry as do some of our followers that more and more vocational awards are appearing and dental nurses need to fully understand their worth in the outside world.

Yes our Patron has achieved much, but the one thing you will always here her say is ‘lets not forget the dental nurse who wants to ‘be the best she/he can be doing the things she/he enjoys the most’ acknowledging that some dental nurses genuinely want to be just that – the best they can be.