The Society will be contacting all of the members and those on our contact lists to give you the opportunity to be part of our contact lists for all future activity. It is important to read our information that is heading your way as we are working towards being GDPR compliant. We do already work within our data protection guidelines, but from the 25th May additional data protection activity will need to be applied.

In order to continue to receive our emails, newsletters, advertisements and information about future events you will need to respond to our email to you confirming that you do agree with our terms. If you do not respond then we will sadly not be able to include you in our future mailings. This will be true of all similar groups and traders; we hope not to cause any unnecessary inconvenience to our loyal members, supporters and followers.

You can in the meantime be assured that the ethos and philosophy  of the Society was never intended to be a repository of personal data for third party use and this will remain the same. Your data will remain confidential and safe within the confinement of the Society guidelines and only be accessed as and when required in the best interest of the individual.

Further information can be found at: