The Society of British Dental Nurses are the only professional organisation who focus solely on the education and development of dental nurses. We continue to represent dental nurses on this front at a Regional,  National and International front and contribute to the regulatory meetings and consultations at every opportunity.

We work closely with the GDC and the CQC and keep dental nurses up to speed with current work streams and initiatives. We have recently attended meetings with NHS England and contributed to the launch of Public Health England (PHE) Launch of  ‘Health Matters’. We have representatives attending Local Dental network meetings and have contributed to some of the work relating to oral health care for the elderly and the sugar campaigns throughout the year, including the ‘Eagle Eye’ and Children’s food campaign. We have also been part of some of the Health Education events across the country.

The Society has made huge steps forward in working with student dental nurses and providers and is very proud of this work stream. The Regional conference this year was very well attended and as always funds were raised for an agreed Charity. We work closely with a number of dental charities and help to drive their campaigns forward. We aim to get current and new important news out to the profession and have a high social media profile.

We write regularly for  Dental Nursing and have engaged a number of high profile sponsors. The Society was brought to fruition through an identified gap in the world of dental nursing and by dental nurses themselves. The Society ambassadors and the both the core committee and the shadow committee are all experts in particular fields of dental nursing and the wider roles and many are working as dental nurses on a day to day basis. Those who work in other roles are still very close to the day to day roles of the dental nurse and the dental team. We have a number of committee members who contribute to workforce development and intelligence, extending to quality assurance and commissioning. We also have those who excel in educational fields and have been recognised for their contributions.

The Society pride themselves on being member- focused and encouraging membership voice. The dental nursing profession is the largest of all, standing at over 53,000 and is evolving, but that brings with it a different set of challenges. We have trained mentors to actively support dental nurses and an emergency help line which is manned for members Monday – Saturday; we do offer direction  to non-members in difficulty.

Finally, we have worked very hard to bring together an indemnity policy which is current, up-to-date and fit for purpose at a cost that dental nurses can afford. Towergate have no hidden costs, no bolt on costs, all additional duties are included and they have provided a part policy for those who already have Crown, corporate or employer indemnity cover, which covers GDC hearings.

So why not be part of this forward thinking group and look after your today, your tomorrow and your future.