The office of the Chief Dental Officer for England reiterates the position and commitment to improving the oral health of children under 3yrs of age and only last night was present in Leicester as the ‘Starting well’ programme was brought to life. Leicester is one of the 13 areas identified as having a need for oral health intervention. This work  very much supports the National directive to  improve child oral health in general, but with an intuitive approach to include the general dental practice. There continues to be much discussion about upstream, midstream and down stream activity in the dental public health arena, but until now there has been very little crossover to the high street practice and certainly very little to the training perspective.

There are a number of schemes out there and of course England has the work and success stories of the other Nations to refer to – Childsmile in Scotland and the Designed to Smile initiative in Wales. The Society of British Dental Nurses welcome and support this and hope that dental nurses will be key players in this.

For further reading of the guidance follow the link:  Avoidance of doubt Office of CDO delivers a strong message supporting the commitment to improving child oral health