Mental health wellness is the cornerstone of the healthy and motivated team, a motivated team provides better all round care for patients and helps the practice strive to new levels of success.

I wonder how much attention is payed to the mental health and well-being of the dental team/s at work. How well equipped is your place of work to identify the signs of mental health issues whether small or on the way to becoming something more.

How much support do you feel you would receive at work if this was the case? many sadly say none, some say work is the cause of their anxieties and emotional turbulence. We are a caring profession, but do we practice what we preach?

This is not about counselling this is about support mechanisms, about being able to listen and potentially guide or refer on. Yes we leave problems at home and be that professional t work, but sometimes our emotions spill over and it can be difficult to separate work and home, professional and personal and before you know it your attitude and body language change.

It’s good to talk and perhaps bring perspective and remember we don’t always know what is going on in someones life – so be kind.

Here at the Society we are keen to develop our work stream  further ,  could you help?