The Society celebrate the momentous day of 22nd November to recall the first Dental Nurse and Assistants Examination  of 1943. Who could have contemplated that here we are in 2017 with professional registration, additional duties and a wide range of post registration qualifications and recognised as the largest dental professional group – dentists being the second. Dentistry has changed at a rapid pace since registration and this has created more opportunity for dental nurses and hopefully there will be more to come as we rethink dentistry and dental care of the future.

This year the Society are recognising some of those unsung heroes – of which there are so many, who go above and beyond the call of duty and are passionate about the profession and don’t look for personal gain. Never easy to be a dental nurse, but rewarding, often great expectations for little financial reward, long hours, regulation and guidelines underpin everything they do and sadly someone elses interpretations. Social media raises questions and professional behaviour is measured unequivocally – yet they strive to do their very best.

Dental Nurses are a key member of any dental team – in fact other team members if you follow the guidance document from the General Dental Council, should not be working without one. Often we hear when things are going well others take the credit, but when things go wrong the dental nurse is often in the firing line. We all know as in any walk of life that individuals are just that -individual, but if you bring the best out in them every day is a happier one.

So join us in recognising this momentous day on 22nd November, 2017 and here on in and take the time to say thank you to a dental nurse. Dental Nurses be very proud of who you are…..