The Society of British Dental Nurses provide guidance to its’ members and followers based on the regulators standards for the Dental Team. The Society have a strong position on social media and its’ use and encourage dental professionals to consider this as something of huge importance.

The principles of the guidelines focus on being respectful, confidentiality, consent and appropriateness. None of which should bring the profession into disrepute or mean that the public would lose trust and confidence as you as a professional.

The Society accept that social media is a way of communicating at speed and reaching a wider audience, they do however have reservations that on occasion when guidance is openly sought, responses are not always evidence based or from a reliable source. They encourage individuals to think before they post, to consider who would see the post and the implications of it, after all you cannot always ensure the security that you may believe the privacy settings offer – if in doubt do not post …

Remember when you apply for jobs or random searches are carried out by an employer your page will say a lot about you.

For further information contact SBDN