The Society of British Dental Nurses attended the Societies Briefing meeting held at the Imperial War Museum in London on the 12th June, 2017. The office of the Chief Dental Officer of England and the two deputy CDOs addressed a number of current topics across presentations in order that there were no mixed messages and that everyone was included. Questions were asked for prior to the event and a panel had been formed in order to answer the questions. The Society submitted  three core questions and indicated that other points had been raised by the membership.

We were delighted to here our questions presented, our focus had been on dental nurses of course although they had been adapted to take on the umbrella term DCP/s. Nevertheless they made the same points but had  a much wider remit, with Nicholas Taylor HEE responding to educational issues, Mick Armstrong responding to the concept of skill-mix and a  poignant reminder that any contract reform is primarily for patients.

The Society will support the DCBY1 and the local Public water fluoridation  interventions going forward and continue to support similar work across the other nations.

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