The Society of British Dental Nurses joined the Dental Show events on the 11th and 12th of May and had a very busy show. Lots of members and followers  coming to the stand to  the stand to say hello. The team looked amazing in their orange tunics and did an outstanding job. They had two speakers who gave food for thought; The team from Dentaid  – Jacqueline James and Sally Reading who shared their experiences and their work in some of the more underdeveloped countries and of course Dr Jason Wong who focused very much on oral care for the elderly, another interesting and very current topic. The feedback has been excellent and we hope to share more of the presentation messages with our members.

We are often asked about volunteering, what it involves, what it costs, what training do you get and more often than not is it safe. I hope these questions were answered for those in the audience.  When it comes to caring for the elderly it can quite often be a challenge, the need for oral care of course is no different. One of the biggest challenges is that our ever increasing elderly population have maintained their natural teeth and through no fault of their own find daily oral care difficult. Many have complex care needs, perhaps poor dexterity and in some cases are dependable on others to provide their care. Dr Wong talked us through this dilemma and the various projects that are underway, highlighting the role that dental nurses can play.

Professor Ireland called by for a chat as did the GDC and a number of the other professional groups. So thank you everyone we will keep these kinds of posts in  a gallery, but just wanted to show you this one.

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