The Society are a  not-for-profit organisation, making sure everything is given back for the good of dental nursing.

This tutor, trainer and education group is a vital component of our past, present and our future; we want to be be able to share good practice, support each other and look at things from different perspectives so we can provide quality learning experiences for student dental nurses and those undertaking additional duties. Join the closed facebook page and work better together today.

Read our mission statement if you are not convinced …

Mission statement

Our vision is to inspire and engage dental nurses at each and every stage of their career. We will consider the here and now, and the future landscape of dentistry. Our guiding philosophy is that we will support the development of a sustainable and effective workforce, which as a result will advance our profession through education and professional activity.

5 core values are central to our work

  1. Influencing policy and informing change
  2. Enhancing the capacity and ability of our membership
  3. Placing education, learning, experience, growth and development at the heart of the Society
  4. Recognising national and local priorities and our role within these areas
  5. Dedicated to the education and support of dental nursing students