2018 brings changes and we are sure many challenges, but as a Society we are armed and ready and will offer to support to all of our members and guide our followers. Change is something you either embrace and are eager to get involved in or it is something that you dislike and can often send cold shivers down the spine. Change for the sake of changing is pointless, it needs to be purposeful and meaningful and most of all beneficial if it is to be taken on board.

As you know the GDC have brought changes to continual professional development (cpd), we have been involved in the stakeholder meetings and our educational team are ready and waiting to help you. In actual fact if you have been undertaking your cpd  as it was intended to be done there is very little change. The area of change that we are most delighted with is the structure that providers of CPD should be following – we have produced a checklist to help you make those important cpd choices and don’t forget CPD does not need to be expensive, but appropriate to you, no single package will fit every dental nurses needs – lets get savy about Cpd in 2018. REMEMBER the GDC make you accountable for your cpd decisions!

Don’t forget we have introduced an approval scheme which will help you to select cpd that meets the GDC provider criteria – look out for the stamp of approval.

We have lots of plans for 2018, but we want you to be part of the journey, watch out for surveys, meetings, social media feeds, podcasts and links to consultations. Be forward thinking and strive to be the best you can in the future of dental nursing and dental care.

Dental Nurses are key components in any dental team, help make your future what you want it to be.